Thursday, July 10, 2014


Not sure if you remember, or if it was even in your country, but the advertisement against drugs that went: This is your brain (an image of a nice oval egg). This is your brain on drugs (an image of an egg cracked open, sometimes even frying in the pan). Well, in my humble opinion, they should run another campaign that shows that same cracked open egg but with the slogan: This is your brain on motherhood ;)
Ever since I had the boys, I could feel my brain cells slowly dying. I remember the first time that I realized that my memory wasn't it used to be. I had just come back from mat leave with Alexander. I was about half way through my PhD and someone had asked me what my project was about. I could not answer them, at least not in a way that sounded even a little bit intelligent! All the abbrevations for terms that I was studying, things that I used to know, suddenly were GONE! I must have looked like a fish out of water! I think that I garbled something and ran away ;)
Of course! You just came back from mat leave! That makes perfect sense! Hahaha! It has been a downward spiral ever since!
Now, probably giving most people 90 years+ a run in the memory department, I am now faced with having to remember things for work, remembering things for home, remembering to pay bills, remembering which account I wrote which cheque for, remembering who has a birthday party on what day, who is playing soccer when, which car has to go to the mechanic for what, who is able to come to what practice, who has what homework, who needs which appointment with which doctor... anyway, you get the message! I am facing the most amount of need to remember with the least amount of functioning brain cells! Worst thing is that I have a type A personality and I hate forgetting things! Please have pity... or at least a glass of wine ready so that I don't care ;)
Yes, this post was inspired by a real life situation which required brain cells. Sadly, I did not live up to the task ;) Thanks for the patience, Jen!

Oliver's ball also looks kind of normal from the front....

Aha! Clear evidence of a brain cell deficiency ;) I can relate!

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