Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy to be at home

It is a rainy, grey, cool day today so we have decided to stay at home. I really don't mind- sometimes, with all the running around, it is kind of nice to become grounded  by enjoying our home and each other (yeah, I wish!). The boys are downstairs, discovering toys that they didn't even remember that they had. It is kind of like Christmas ;) I get to start my workday a bit early and make some of my home secretary phone calls that I have been putting off. Coffee is on and cinnamon bread is in the oven :) (The cinnamon bread is ok because I get to burn it off with 2 soccer games this evening!).
Hope you all have a good day!

Lots of rain on our window!

A little bit of colour

Pink orchids

Oliver, with his Tintin hair, happy to be at home :)

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