Monday, July 7, 2014

Party boys

This afternoon, Nicka went to a birthday party. Both he and Alexander are birthday party veterans... they always seem to have a party to go to and a loot bag to finish ;) So here is the big news: Oliver has been invited to his first "big" boy party and he is over the moon with excitement. Let me tell you, it is VERY hard to get a 4 year old to understand that the party is not this coming weekend but the weekend after. EVERY SINGLE DAY he asks me if the party is today.... is it today? Today? Must be today? Are we going today? I show him on the calendar, which he thinks is some stupid mother way of wrecking his fun. Today? Not today... it is on the 19th.... Boy, he gets so frustrated with me! @@ Worst mother EVER ;)



  1. Wauw his foist party - good for him. :-D

    1. Guess it means another boy with a busy social schedule ;)