Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rediscovering my closet

I wrote a few posts back that the boys rediscovered old toys that were "hiding" in our basement. They got so excited about finding them that it was a bit like Christmas. The same applies for me and my closet! I did some cleaning up today/rearranging and- tada!- I rediscovered a whole load of clothes that I almost forgot that I had :) Don't you love when that happens? It was like going shopping without spending any money! There were items that I had bought years ago that I can now pair up with more recent purchases and come up with a totally new look. I also found a few things that I can upcycle and create something new with. I guess that sometimes it is worth not being able to get rid of things... then they are there for rediscovery ;)

Happy Saturday evening to all!

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