Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A bit of Wednesday

In between bouts of work, I got the boys to help me out with some house cleaning = lots of complaining, not all that much work. I appreciated the effort, though. They were in charge of cleaning and organizing their Lego tables and upstairs toys. Looks a lot better :) I made some cinnamon bread so I think that they have forgiven me for the cleaning up adventures!
After yesterday's very awkward game between Germany and Brazil (I was cheering for Germany but felt like I couldn't really enjoy the game nor the win), I am looking forward to a nail biter :) I like Argentina but NEDERLANDS, NEDERLANDS! ;) Alexander is cheering for the same teams as me. Nicka is cheering for Argentina but he might change his mind depending on who is winning. Andreas liked Costa Rica and France but he has now, retroactively, decided that he actually liked Netherlands and Germany all along. Oliver likes orange ;)

Here are a few Wednesday pics. Have a good rest of the day! Thanks for dropping by ;)

We <3 rocks!

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