Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kamakazi basil and sausage treats

Hello :)

Yesterday I bought a basil plant from the grocery store. Not because I needed it for cooking, I just really LOVED the scent of it... I walked by and it hit me. I NEED TO BUY BASIL. Even if I didn't need it right away, I thought it would be a good idea to tend to the plant and have some basil stocked in my kitchen. Anyway, I should know better because I have made the same mistake in the past (= a few times). It is kamakazi basil! This means that, the second it leaves the store, it starts to die. Seriously. I took off the plastic, put it in a bowl of cool water, put it into indirect sunlight... whatever... it is still dying. I am thinking that it is a genetically mutant plant, destined to die within 2 days of leaving the grocery store ;)

On a more successful kitchen story, I made some pretty good sausage treats (I think they are called Pig-in-a-Blanket here (?), pølsehorn (?) in Denmark). Anyway, it is basically a sausage, wrapped in dough. I used a home made bread dough and brushed it with egg/sesame seeds before putting them in the oven. They ended up being a handy hot summer dinner. Not bad, if I can say so :)

Today is still hot and it feels like we will end up with a thundershower before long. Oliver is back to daycare today and I have a mid afternoon doctor's appointment with Nicka. Poor Alexander is not so thrilled to be dragged to that errand ;) 

Good day to you all!

Hang on, kamakazi basil!

Ready for the oven

Ready for eating... yum!


  1. Umm, they rely looks good. :-D

    1. Tak... I got the idea from a Danish online cookbook ;)