Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow warnings

There is a snow warning for our region now :( Funny thing is that, today, all my friends who do not live around me are posting happy spring photos on facebook and instagram. All I have to say is: thanks, "friends" ;) I promise that I will NEVER, NEVER complain about the hot weather this summer!
So, in case that you are already fed up with spring where you live, here are some snow pictures! Wishing you all a very happy rest of the day!


  1. Im ok with winter, if its contains snow, but I defiantly prefer summer time :-) Sending you som sunni wether from where I have spend the last two weeks - But don tell anyone - we have been, and still are, in Thailand. Tjekking out of the hotel today and flying home at midnight.

    1. I also prefer summer time! Actually, I like all seasons, except for winter ;) Ah! Thailand! I am so jealous! Next time, I will have to hide away in your luggage! Hope you had a warm and relaxing time!