Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outside in the sun

Today was a nice, easy day. Swimming is over for the winter season and, obviously, it is not nice enough to start the summer session yet ;) I spent a bit of time outside with the dog, enjoying the sun. Even though it is still cold, the sun is starting to feel pretty strong. Ahhhhh..... :)
Outside our house.... you were warned ;)


  1. That sours like a nice "almost" spring day. I'm sure that when the spring comes, it will explode in a few weeks. :-)

    1. I have become obsessive over the weather forecasts ;) Although we had -15C this morning, we are supposed to go up to 6C by Friday!!!! If we are lucky, maybe all our snow will melt by July ;) Have a great day, Catarina! It is always nice that you stop by!