Sunday, March 9, 2014

A bit of colour

This is the last day of my boys' (and my) spring break from school. It has been very busy but, as always, I really enjoying just hanging out with them. Today is starting out to be really nice- lots of sun and temperatures that are not too offensive ;) Also, it will be nice to have longer daylight hours (we switched our clocks to summer time last night). It might have been nice to have a few more days at home! I am pretty certain that it will be tough to get back into the daily routine tomorrow. Happy Sunday everyone :)
Blossom time!
A quinoa salad that I made
The Lego Master's work table
The creation..... it actually made dragon noises!


  1. Its always tough to get back into the routine, but also nice. :-)

    1. We had my mother and father in law visiting from Sweden. I think that it was hard for the boys to say good bye to them. Usually, they are pretty happy to return to their friends after being with me for a week ;)