Thursday, March 20, 2014

My treasures, pt. 2

My second son, Nicklas, was born in January 2007. We had just returned to Canada for Andreas' post doc work. Funny- he landed a job in my hometown... my mother was very happy about that :)
I found out I was pregnant with Nicklas in April 2006. We were leaving Denmark at the end of August so I had the early midwife visits over there. We ended up really appreciating the surprise gender when Alexander was born so we decided not to find out whether baby #2 was a girl or boy. Despite our best intentions to keep it a surprise, he decided that he wanted us to know during the big 20 week ultrasound. Our midwife tried to initially deny it but it was way too obvious that we were having a second boy!
My pregnancy with Nicklas was very busy: we moved from Denmark to Montreal; I started to write my doctoral thesis; we bought a house; we moved into a house; we had to start Alexander in a new daycare; I had to start a new job; Andreas had to start a new job; we had to start a new life in a new country and we also had a very active little boy on hand! I also, for some reason, thought that baby #2 would come sooner than 38.5 weeks (when Alexander was born) so when Nicklas was born at 40 weeks exactly, it felt like the longest pregnancy ever ;) During the evening on the day before his due date, my water broke while I was reading to Alexander. We made our way to the local hospital (thankfully, farmor was visiting) and, late the next afternoon, Nicklas was born. Contrary to having the name Olivia already prepared for baby #1, we decided that we would name him only after seeing him. Nicklas (Nicka) was a perfect fit and we both agreed immediately...

Contrary to his older brother, we actually ended up calling that hospital to see if it was normal if a baby slept that much!! Nicka was such a happy baby who idolized his big brother. He still does but would never admit to it ;) xox to my "sandwich" son... loving him right in the middle!
First picture of Nicklas
Big boy: 49cm and 4.02 kg
Pappa with Nicklas
Going home
Partners in crime.... still the same now!


  1. Sush a sweet story and also pretty "stressful" reading - you guys had so much on your mind and also a lot go changes up to Nicklas birth. wauw. :-)
    And what a sweet little baby boy you got, a rely good match for Alexander :-)

    1. It was pretty stressful but I also remember it to be a pretty exciting time! Nicklas and Alexander are so funny together: they can fight like dogs and cats but then, 2 seconds later, cosy together on the couch :)