Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our old neighbourhood

Yesterday I found some photos of our last neighbourhood in Denmark. These were taken last year, when I was visiting a good friend (yes, that is you, Vibeke) who lives in the same neighbourhood. I wanted to show Alexander where he used to live when he was a baby.

Jægersborg Allé


Alexander's old vuggestuen
The playground at his old vuggestuen

A bike and sun = great day in Denmark
Charlottenlund beach

Our old building

The neighbourhood

Neigbours ;)


  1. Its fun to see photos from where you used to live. Let me know if you some day are in Copenhagen again, than Ill com and say hi. :-D

  2. Definitely! That would be very cosy! Do you live around Copenhagen?

  3. No I live on Funen (Fyn) 12 km outside Odense. :-) But it only takes 1 1/2 hour to drive to Copenhagen. :-)

  4. I am embarrassed to say that, even though I lived in KBH for 4 years, I have never been to Odense! How terrible of me! Maybe I should visit you ;)