Friday, March 7, 2014

At the doctor's....

This week is the boys' spring break from school so I was very lucky to get doctor's appointments for all 3 of them at one time! While it is very convenient not to have to go back 3 separate times, it makes for a pretty chaotic time.... Thankfully, most of the people who work at the office all have 3 boys (including the doctor) so they are used to it. I had a little bit of trouble getting Oliver to go to the doctor (he is not a fan) but then I had a harder time getting him OUT of the clinic... he wanted to play with the toys in the waiting room. We survived but I am sure that the people working there think that I am nuts for taking pictures ;)

In the waiting room

Yah.... tablets!

Oliver was liking the books

Yah.... toys!

Do you mean that we actually have to see the doctor????

Nicka is an old pro ;)

Alexander actually likes this part...

Always the clown ;)

At least it is not a needle!

Checking height

Checking out Alexander's hearing.... maybe that will explain why he doesn't listen to me ;)


  1. Im sitting here with a big smile looking at all your pictures. They are rely lovely and you bette get user to be looked at with funny eye, because you take photos, people that don't have a blog always looks weird at you because you thane photos of everything. :-D

  2. A big reason for this blog is to keep in touch with friends and family who live overseas... They know that I am strange ;) I want them to see my day to day life and it is not always so beautiful or exciting.. haha!