Wednesday, March 5, 2014

At work with the prof.

I went in to work with my husband today. We're doing some writing together and, as it is very hard to write when you are refereeing fighting little boys, I decided to come in to work with him and hide in his office. I'll let you know if I was more productive... or whether I just had more time to take pictures/blog ;)

Books to look smart ;)

The artwork of small boys ;)

Wall of shame ;)


Alexander must have drawn this years ago... still on the white board :)

Couldn't wear my skirt/sweat pant combo again today... Today it is Orla Kiely birds and high waist jeans!


  1. It looks like a very cosy office your hubby have, with all those drawings and books. :-) Hope you where a bit more productive than at home. ;-)

  2. I wasn't :P There were people that I hadn't seen in a while so I had to catch up!