Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tornado time (aka mornings at our house)

I get up early.... ok.... maybe not as early as Andreas, but I get up early. I like to have a cup of coffee... or two.... or three.... and check my favourite blogs.... and read the newspapers.... and ease into the day. Then the boys start to wake up.... It starts off calmly... then then- somewhere after cereal and before getting school bags packed- it happens.... TORNADO TIME! This is the time when chaos strikes and all hell breaks loose! The boys start to jump around, run, fight, punch, argue, freak out the dogs and just, generally, get on my morning nerves (which are much easier to get on then my rest-of-the-day nerves). So, between the yelling/barking/banging/arguing, I have to make sure that they get ready for school and out the door.... It doesn't seem to phase Andreas at all... in fact, being a larger version of the boys, he often joins in the tornado. This always leads to more yelling/barking/banging/arguing and, amazingly, more yelling/barking/banging/arguing. At this point, I am always regretting not getting a house with an extra "only-woman-in-the-house" bathroom... a sound-proof one.... with its own espresso maker and spa..... At this point, the tornado makes its way outside, into the car and off to start the day. Our neighbours love us ;)

Wishing you all a great rest of the day xox Think of me in the morning ;)

Welcome to mornings at our house ;)

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