Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dumb jeans ;)

Despite the title of this post, I love jeans. If I could wear them everyday, I would. Thing is that, and  am sure that you will all agree, that not all jeans are created equally. Only a very few jeans really fit me... and when I like them, I will buy 4 pairs (or more)... and hang onto them forever...
SO, recently, I ordered some jeans from Ebay. I heard a lot of good things about the jean brand (Tiger of Sweden) and I ended up winning the auction at 0.99 US. Not bad, eh? I thought that I was pretty darn smart... I had very carefully measured my hips and waist and, although perhaps a BIT snug, the jeans were my size. The one thing that I did not even think about was CALF SIZE! The jeans arrived and I was really happy- great, soft fabric and nice length. I held the jeans up and they looked great. Well, they would have looked great except that, when I went to try them on, I couldn't get them over my calves!!! With a waist size being a little too small, I felt OK with because I usually lose a bit of weight over the summer. What the heck am I supposed to do with calves? Not move? Not exercise? Not play soccer? Waste away? Crap! My legs, and I still think this despite the reality check, are not that big....seriously... they must be dumb jeans ;) Maybe I can put that on my Ebay review... Quick shipping, nice seller.... too bad they sent dumb jeans... ;)

Have a great  and non-dumb jean day! xox

Dumb jeans.... made for legs like robot man ;)


  1. Oh what a pity, and do you have never had them problems before?
    I learned a new word, calves ;-)

  2. I have never had a problem where I couldn't get the jeans on before ;) Glad I could be of service in the language department ;) Maybe I could also call them my gastrocnemius muscles ;) I am a geek xox

  3. Wear the jeans and bring back the robot dance! ;-)

    1. Oooo... the robot dance! Bye bye, dumb jeans! I have to say that you are the queen of the robot dance :)