Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Glimpses of a play date

On the whole, I love having my boys' friends over. We have a pretty "kid-friendly" home (see definition below) and, honestly, I kind of like the bustle of the boys.... until it becomes tornado-like (see definition below)- and then I can flip. Over the past 2 years or so, when Alexander and Nicka have friends over, I have definitely become the "not cool mother who is cramping our style" and just tolerated... unless I have snacks, then I am awesome and am allowed downstairs... but only for dropping off the snacks and then my awesome-ness is over and no photos allowed ;) With Oliver, I am still in the "will call mother in case we do something really cool, funny or someone gets hurt or is scared of the dogs" category when he has friends over. Thing with Oliver is that he always has a friend over... or is away at a friend's house... and it always seems to be the same boy. Jokingly, we consider this boy our 4th son because he is always with Oliver. Actually, they play so well together that it is an absolute pleasure to have him over. Anyway, this weekend, I was called in to witness the cool thing that they did (ie: bury the visiting boy in the toy pile). I had to remember E.T. (see definition if you don't remember the 1980's movie) but they didn't get the reference ;) I enjoyed the small glimpse into their play date. These two, together, are hilarious and I am so lucky to still be allowed "in"... and I know that only a short period of time remains.....

Wishing you all a great day! xxo

"kid-friendly": most of our furniture is either broken, stained or very well-loved so they cannot do much more damage than there already is ;)

tornado-like: Alexander's 11th birthday party sleep over.... just leave it to your imaginations and then add x10 ;)

E.T. the movie: see link

Guess what I have in my hand... (hint: wet, sticky, made of sugar and looks like a little bear)
Here is E.T..... I mean, Oliver's buddy.... ;)

Their favourite thing to to: watch movies on my tablet in their "tent". Yes, this photo actually contains 2 little boys... ;)

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