Saturday, April 16, 2016

Only child ;)

All week, Alexander and Nicka have been SO excited to go to their Friday night sleepover party. Seriously, every day started with disappointment that it was not Friday yet. Finally, Friday came and I brought the boys to their friends' house. We are lucky. The family that they were visiting have 4 children: 1 poor girl and 3 boys.... 2 of which are Alexander and Nicka's best friends. This is the same family that we will be going on holiday with so they have fun planning (scheming?) things that they will do this summer. Sleepovers are a little like a warm up to the big event ;)
Anyway, having the big boys away for the night means that Oliver gets to be an only child ;) At first, he always forgets that his brothers are gone so he calls for them. When he finally realizes that he is the only boy around, then he starts to be the little king. He can talk about his video games and no one corrects him. He can play on my tablet and no one grabs it out of his hands. His father took him to McDonald's so he can play in the park and no one said that the park sucked. He can have a cookie after dinner and no one steals it from him. He gets to play with his glow-in-the-dark sword and no one takes it from him. I guess that there are some benefits from being too young to go to sleepover parties ;)

May the glow be with you ;)


  1. Ohh he such a cutie - hope he enjoyed the sleepover :-D

  2. The glow is with him!
    Those small changes in everyday business provide light (literally and figuratively in his case).