Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Crazy days

This week is definitely in the "crazy days" category. Firstly, it has been super busy. This is my last week of classes and, of course, the pile of corrections to do on my desk has become a mountain! This week has also been crazy because we will be going from winter to summer in a matter of 7 days. Monday started off with a snow storm, Tuesday had rain, Wednesday is sunny, Thursday is supposed to be even sunnier and, by time we hit Sunday, it will be 20C. Mind you, not that I am complaining ;)

Hope you are all having a good week xox

Even the birds don't look very happy ;)
I even had to put my boots back on!
A bit of green offers hope ;)
Tuesday.... our windy/wet spring kicks Sweden's butt ;)
Mr. McGill has traded snow for mud ;)
All the snow is gone (hehehehe)
Wednesday... ahhhhh :)