Friday, April 22, 2016

Purple rain

It has been quite the crappy year for music... so many deaths... and two of my absolute favourites- David Bowie and Prince- in a 4 month period :( 

Purple Rain came out as I was becoming a teenager in 1984. There was something about the music that made you almost stop breathing. It defined my musical tastes at this time and led me to R&B, soul and jazz. You couldn't get any better than a Prince guitar solo and the music spoke to my young teenage heart (and now my middle age mother heart). Prince was both cool and hot at the same time. Although I believed that the music couldn't get any better.... it did... over and over.... Prince, my first musical crush, RIP....

David, I apologize for not having dedicated a blog post in your honour. I meant to... but the words never made it to the blog page....

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