Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stressed out.... no, thanks!

Last year, Andreas and I decided to take the train to work and, despite my initial misgivings about the schedule, have grown to really appreciate it. I don't often realize how much I appreciate it until I actually have to drive downtown again. It reminds me how stressed out people on the roads are. Trying to save a few seconds, a big city bus squeezed by us in traffic and just about took off our side mirror and scratched the side of our car- yes- of course, the new one. Filling out that accident report (while all the poor people on the bus were waiting) really saved a lot of time! It didn't end here.... I also encountered a woman who gave me a strange look for letting her pass in front of me and an angry man who just was angry... and trying to eat a sandwich/talk on the phone/drink his coffee while driving.  It was all about being first and faster. Wow- no wonder there are so many accidents and mishaps on the road. Let me tell you that I was glad to get home and de-stress ;)
When we were deciding to go back to public transport, the obvious pros on our list were expense, no need for parking, time together, the environment and the ability to read on the train. I never really thought of stress avoidance. Maybe, on public transport, there remains an inter person connection that encourages us to be polite... maybe, being in a car, there is a relative anonymity- similar to the internet- that brings out the worst in people... Anyway, whatever it is, a big thanks to all the relatively awesome people on the train! I salute you :)

A bit of calm...


  1. I am glad that nothing more serious has happened en you and yours are allright!
    Love your tulips! X

    1. Tulips in honour of the Dutch ;)

  2. Transportation to and from the job is often a slightly odd experience. Do we each need to consider what is best. Some very fond of the train, the other bus, again other car, and myself enjoying the ride. However, there is a stretch on my route where high school students just do not understand the concept of 2 track bike path, the same applies to primary school pupils and their forældre.Heldigvis does my ring bell :-)
    Do all forms of transport in the congested peak times - will face negative, tired people, fortunately I'm the type who sees the smiles :-)