Friday, April 29, 2016

Just by the seat of his pants....

On Wednesday, Alexander swore to me that he had finished ALL of his homework so that he could play his video game. Fine- as his homework was ALL finished, he got a bit of time to play.... Flash forward to Thursday and Alexander informs me that he has to study for a big test that he has on Friday. Problem is that most of the evening had to be spent in a school concert.... other problem is that this subject is Alexander's nemesis.... urgh! SO, after coming home from school on Thursday, I spent a few hours helping him study Quebec history before we had to leave again. After the concert, I had to run to a quick meeting but I had EXPLICITLY said in the car on the way home that he had to finish studying until his bedtime. When I get home, what do I see? ALEXANDER ON HIS FREAKING TABLET. Did he study? Nopes. I have to admit that I ABSOLUTELY lost it. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "You are NOT going to your best friend's birthday party on Friday night". OK... I have to just clear one thing up: I realize that a punishment like that not only affects your kid (the point) but also affects the child who is having the party (innocent bystander). It came out of my mouth because I knew that this would be the only thing that would really wake him up... and, since it came out of my mouth, I had to stand by it. After all, he is going to high school soon and he has to learn how to take some responsibility for himself and his own school work...
After about 30 minutes of Alexander going from mad to sad to shocked to trying out his negotiating skills, I gave him (and me) and out: If he got an 80% or above, he could go.... The deal was on... 80% was a reasonable grade....but, since he never got an 80% before, it was a challenge...  a pretty big challenge.
So, in Alexander's agenda, I wrote a note to his teacher, with the hopes that she could send me a picture of his exam so that I could correct it. After all, after having studied with him the day before, I felt like an expert on 1980's history in Quebec ;)

Dear Madame XX, 
This may sound very strange but can you please give me a call tomorrow when you have a moment? I need to ask you for a favour.
Thank you!

After dropping the boys off at school this morning, I could tell that he had already told his friends about the deal. They were all looking at me with big eyes.... The stakes were now high.... Alexander had to get that 80%!
At lunch time, I got a phone call from Alexander's teacher. I explained the reason behind my wanting to talk to her. She told me that Alexander had already told her part of the story... just leaving out the video game part ;) I asked her if she could take a picture of his test and send it to me but she told me that, after listening to Alexander, she had to grade it right away. Get this: Alexander's grade was a 79.5% but, since he also got the bonus mark, he ended up getting an 80%..... ON THE FREAKING NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kid has a horseshoe up his behind!!!!!!!
Needless to say, Alexander is now at his well-deserved birthday party. His friends were all happy for his 80%... and, honestly, so was I.... on so many levels ;) Best darn 80% ever ;)

Alexander's big lesson ;)


  1. Wup wup, hes i one cool kid and it shows, that he can if the rely wants. :-D

    1. That is the frustrating part :P

  2. LOL
    Sometimes I come back on a hasty decision at one of the boys. Mothers are people too and I explain that to them.

    1. It was hasty but I needed to reach him.... glad that it all worked out so I didn't have to lose the "teaching" moment ;) You are so right, though. Mothers are people too.... kind of super people.... but, still, people ;)