Saturday, March 31, 2018


Today was a beautiful sunny day and where were the boys? Yups... playing video games. Anyway, after the usual conversation that started with "You know, when I was your age....", all three boys were kicked outside the house and onto our street to play... play anything!!!! This is proof that they were actually removed from a screen for more than an hour. Also, considering that Oliver is the only one lately that has any patience for my photos, this is also proof that I still have three boys ;)

Happy Saturday! Tomorrow, we have family over for Easter but I will try to actually get a decent blog post written. My apologies for being so uninspired lately. It is the end of the semester and I feel like I am stuck in quicksand ;)



  1. W just had another snow fall, but thaksfulle its getting wormer and is now (afternoon) 4 degrees and the weather forcast for next weekend is 18 degrees wup wup cant wait :-D

    1. Wow! 18 degrees!! You have definitely earned it this year!! Glad Paaske! xox

  2. Dejligt dine drenge fik lidt tid sammen udenfor.
    Catarinas skriv om 18 grader tyder på at holde stik. I dag lørdag op til 12 grader og i morgen søndag op til 18 grader her i Holstebro.
    Der var sne mange steder i Påsken, vi slap, dog ikke for blæst og frostvejr.