Monday, March 19, 2018


This is a true story:

During the spring break, a local hardware store offered a daily building activity for the kids (it was even free!!!! BONUS!!!). Oliver and his friends like to build so, during the week, this activity became a staple in our list-of-things-to-do-that-did-not-involve-a-stupid-screen. This saviour of a hardware store is called Home Depot (pronounce as Home Dee-po... yes, this is actually important... the "t" is silent).

Anyway, on one of the days, we were taking care of one of Oliver's friends so we brought both of them to the daily build session. Oliver, the day before, decided that Home Depot should be pronounced Home Dee-POT (and heavy on the last syllable) so, in the car, he says to his friend "Are you excited to go to Home Dee-POT? I am!" His friend responds "Ummm... Oliver, I think that it is pronounced  Home Dee-PO... The "t" is silent." Oliver, true to form, responds "No, it is Dee-POT. There is no place for silence in my life."

How could you argue with that one? ;)

Happy Monday xox

By the way, I DO have 2 other sons... they are just WAY less willing to appear in my photos lately :( 


  1. I love a child with a strong opinion of its own, especially when it's someone else's child ;-) He is really the third in your family, we have such a specimen as well!

    1. Hahaha! There is something about that third child ;) xox

  2. Skønt der er alternativer der kan lokke børnene væk fra "skærmen".
    Jeg nyder når argumenterne er på plads ;-)

    1. I really appreciated these "away from screen" activities during the break. It is nice to see when kids use their hands to actually build something! xox