Monday, March 26, 2018

Musings on a Monday

1) Why do Sundays always seem so darn short? Mondays, like today, seem to drag on forever but Sundays fly by...

2) Am I the only person in the world who is really terrible at putting on mascara?

3) Why do women put their make up on in the train? As per musing 2, how on earth are they able to do it without looking like a raccoon... or without making the strangest facial expressions?

4) As per musing 3, some women actually do make the strangest facial expressions... but probably don't care... or think that it can be amusing for others... which it is ;)

5)  I am not sure why some people insist on using the possessive (ie: 's) to indicate plural (ie: the boy's went to the store). Maybe they know that it bugs me ;)

6) Maybe I shouldn't let other people's grammar bother me so much ;)

7) Lately, I am really into the colour pink. It could either be the result of a long winter... or living in a house full of boys!

8) Why is it that bills always seem to fill up my mailbox... but there is a clear lack of cheques?

9) I need to get a haircut (translate: someone else who will wash and brush my hair)...

10) Andreas bought me a gift card for a local spa for Christmas. I am dying to use it for my spring pedicure. I need bright pink toe nails.

Hope you all had a good Monday xox

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  1. ;-)

    Jeg er en helt umulig sminkør. Ryster så meget på hånden det ofte sidder alle de forkerte steder. Værst er jeg skal have et spejl med forstørrelse 7 bare for at kunne se en smule uden briller. Samtidig er mine øjenlåg slappe, så en eyeliner laver masser af ulykker.
    Så vi er flere der har udfordringer :-)