Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why I blog...

I get asked why I blog fairly regularly and wish that I had a good answer. Actually, it was a combination of lots of factors. Over the years, I see my blog as both a way of connecting with others and therapy ;) Giving it some thought, here are my reasons:

1) I used to post a ton of stuff on Facebook... well, I still do... but I used to post a TON. Anyway, one year when I was in Sweden, a friend of mine commented (joked, I hope!) that I was clogging up his thread with my photo spam. I figured that I could put all my spam into a blog and you could choose whether you wanted to see my pictures or not. Yes, without clogging your thread. PS: I don't know if you will read this but it is you, Peter ;)

2) I like to take pictures but I never knew what to do with them so... here they are ;)

3) I never kept journals. I am lousy with photo albums. OK... I am REALLY lousy with photo albums. I also sucked at keeping the baby books up to date- sorry to Oliver because I think I never even started yours ;) This blog is my attempt to document our family, in real time, so that they can go back and see what we did, what our life was like, what our day to day consisted of. I wanted them to read my thoughts and be able to read about themselves... the good, the bad and the ugly ;)

4) We have family and friends that we don't get to talk to every day. Sadly, it is not only people that live across the ocean but some of them are also just a few kilometers away. This is a way that they get to see what we are up to... and maybe remember what we look like ;)

5) One day, shortly after Oliver was born, I googled some random search terms so that I could find a store that I liked in Copenhagen (funky baby clothes) and found myself on an awesome blog (Brinja). Compared to a lot of the blogs that I had previously visited, she was so unpretentious and real. Brinja offered a cool way of seeing her world, almost like you were there. It was so cosy... kind of like having coffee with a good friend. I have since had the opportunity to "talk" to her via email and Instagram and she continues to inspire me with her pictures and creativity. I have even met other people from visiting her blog (like the wonderful Ageeth, see here).

6) Bribery! If I ever need to threaten to show baby pictures to future girlfriends, all I have to do is give them the link to this blog ;)

Happy Thursday to you all! xox

Here is some photo spam from the time I first started this blog... 849 posts ago!!!

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  1. Vi har alle vore tanker om hvorfor vi begyndte at blogge, og langt de fleste af os, fortæller både med ord og billeder. Nogle er meget strukturerede, andre fortæller løs om mangt og meget forskelligt.
    Familielivet - hverdagen - livets gang. uanset hvilket emne dit indlæg har, er der altid en dejlig tanke med det du skriver, samt billeder der siger endnu mere.
    Her er det "lille fredag" 1 arbejdsdag mere så er det weekend, og i næste uge er det en kort uge.

    1. Tusind tak, Karin! God Fredag og weekend til dig! xox

  2. Love the way you describe it! Every time a pleasure to meet you X

    1. Thank you! And people like you make blogging so much fun xox