Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Today was snowy again but, luckily, it is not really accumulating on the streets and sidewalks... just on the grass and previous snow piles. At least the temperature does not hurt my face and I can actually walk without raising my shoulders to ear level ;)  It is also a treat to come home in daylight ;) I can feel spring!

Hope you all had a good day xox


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    1. I am really appreciating coming home when it is still light out! xox

  2. Her har kulden lige været forbi, den sibirske kulde. Hvor vinden har været meget kraftig. Døgntemperature under frysepunktet. En kommentar fra Otto, (3 år og 4 mdr. gammel), det gør ondt i min pande at være ude.
    Her omkring kom der så ingen sne, det er der kommet i det sydlige Danmark

    1. I hope that spring weather is coming your way soon xox