Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday food preps

I love doing a big Sunday cooking day. Given that some weekends are filled with total chaos, I appreciate the weeks when I can do groceries, find interesting ingredients and have the time to actutally put it all together. There is something totally satisfying about cooking multiple meals for the week ahead. It goes beyond feeling organized, I feel relaxed and happy to be putting good food together for our family. Today was about making a beef stew in the slow cooker, roast chicken, curry eggplant and flatbread pizzas for Monday lunches. I also cut up a bunch of vegetables and will be making a fruit salad. If I still have time later, I might attempt some more bread. We also picked up some fresh Zeppoles at the bakery (and Oliver's favourite mini cupcakes... that is OK... more Zepole for me ;) ) to have with afternoon coffee (for Swedish people: yes, for fika). With sun shining through our living room windows and a vacuumed floor- another miracle!- it has been a good Sunday so far.

Hope you are all having a good Sunday too xox!


  1. En dejlig søndag. Det er så skønt at have tid til at fremtrylle lækkerier.
    Skal i alle have madpakke med?

    1. A few years back, I made a resolution to make lunches for everyone so, yes, we all get one. A bit of extra work but a lot of savings ;) Hope you had a nice Sunday :)

  2. Replies
    1. Good to see you again, Catarina! It is nothing like the recipes that you have on your blog xox