Monday, April 2, 2018

Now it is all about the chocolate eggs...

It used to be a lot easier at holiday time because we could include all the boys in the holiday-related activities. We could gear the theme towards Alexander and Nicklas and Oliver was just so darn happy to be a part of it that it worked. I could take the boys to visit Santa or colour Easter eggs and it was guaranteed a good time. Lately, holiday time has become more about stopping Alexander and Nicklas from wrecking it for Oliver. For example, in grade 6, Alexander decided that Santa no longer existed (but of course he does for all of you readers who believe 😉). He was very happy to play along with things for the sake of Nicklas and Oliver... it made him feel very grown up and he enjoyed it. Flash forward to Nicklas in grade 5... and Alexander turning 13... and I had to have a long talk with them about letting Oliver enjoy Santa. Thankfully, they went along with it but it makes me worried that Oliver will have to lose out on some of these memories because his brothers no longer believe in it.
For Easter this year, Oliver was dying to do an egg hunt. When I brought it up with the other 2, I got eye rolls and laughter. The compromise was that I would hide the chocolate (see- we skimped out on colouring the eggs- bad me) and the big boys would cheer him on as he found the candy. It was easy enough to get them to cheer because Oliver would share the 5 million chocolate eggs that he found. It ended up working because Oliver got to do the egg hunt... and the other 2 never complain about getting more sugar ;)
Suggestions about preserving the magic for the younger sibling(s) are greatly appreciated! As I said, so far, the bigger boys have been pretty good at entertaining Oliver during the holidays but I would like him to enjoy it for as long as he can. You know, I also find it WAY more fun when the kids are still into it! Maybe it keeps the magic going for the parents as well 😉

Hope you all had a great Easter/Passover or well-deserved break xox

In the "easier" days ;)


  1. Det at bevare børnetroen er en svær en, når der er ældre søskende. Julemanden, Tandfeen etc.
    Jeg ser mange af mine børns venner, trods de ikke selv har fået børn, holder æggejagten indtakt, stiller risengrød ud til nisserne, og nyder julemandens komme. Det er alle børn der nu er voksne, 20 - 40 år. Så bare roligt det kommer igen. Selv tandfeen vinder indpas.