Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Where did they go?

Yes, I still have kids. Three of them... boys.... do you remember them? Probably not ;) There is not so much about them on my blog lately. I have put it down to 3 main reasons:
1) They hate it when I take pictures of them. Actually, the only one who tolerates it sometimes is Oliver and that only happens when I bribe him ;) With the others, they make faces or turn their backs so I just pretend to give up... but one day I will get even ;)
2) The activities that they are doing now don't really involve me so much. At birthday parties, I drop them off. They arrange to meet friends on their own. They go to throw around a ball at the park... and I am not invited ;) Even when I am involved (like coaching), I get dirty looks when I pull out my phone to take pictures. That is why I have lots of far away shots ;) Otherwise, I just feel like creepy mother ;)
3) The big recent obsession/pass time is a game called Fortnite, which, I swear, turns them into zombies... so they live in the basement.... and stare at the screen. Trust me, not a very interesting picture ;)

I am still outnumbered by boys... it is just harder to document it lately ;)

Happy Wednesday evening xox

When the boys still took pictures ;)


  1. Tiden flyver. Navlestrengen bliver løsere og løsere, på et tidspunkt slipper den, og dog. De vil altid være meget tæt forbundet, du vil altid være pinlig, og de vil være dit et og alt.
    Pludselig står de med eget hjem, job, familie, som vil blive dit et og alt, og muligheden for at fotografere nogle små guldklumper vil komme igen. Det er ikke sikkert forældrene har lyst til at være med på billedet.

    1. You are so right. In the mean time, I might have to bribe them more ;) God weekend xox