Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I am not embarrassed to admit it: I am almost 48 years old. It is a well known fact that women start to go into menopause around my age. I have 3 beautiful boys... with NO intention of having any more children... so I embrace this upcoming next phase of my life. We all expect it happens with women so... why is it my HUSBAND that is experiencing signs of menopause... now, in our house,  known as manopause.

Example: It is snowy outside. It is cold. Our home thermostat is set at 18C. The boys and I are all sitting on the couch... wearing sweaters... Alexander even has a blanket on him... I have my slippers on.... and Andreas comes into the living room... wearing shorts and a t-shirt... and complaining about the heat! Really? At first, I thought that he was sarcastic because we have been having below average temperatures lately but.. no... he was dead serious. Since then, on a daily basis, I am asked "Don't you find it hot in here?" Ummm.... I can see my breath.... no. Manopause. He has even been threatening to bring the fan up from the garage. Next step is the air conditioning? Can't wait to see what will happen when it actually gets hot this summer.... I might find Andreas sleeping in our fridge ;)

Some random internet picture... and NOT Andreas ;)


  1. �� hvilken humor, hvis det altså er en joke fra Andreas side. Jeg troede ellers mænd blev ramt af midtvejskrise og ikke overgangsalderen.
    Jeg tror jeg er kommet helt om på den anden side. Det håber jeg.

    1. Perhaps he is having a midlife crisis as well but it is so funny that he keeps complaining of being too hot ;) If it keeps like this, maybe I will be the one to buy a fancy racing car ;) xox