Thursday, April 19, 2018

Truce with Mother Nature

While I was in Toronto this past weekend, it snowed. Not just a little bit... but a lot. Cancelling flights kind of a lot. Luckily, on our way back, the snow disappeared right around the Ontario/Quebec border. BIG sigh of relief ;)
Monday morning... Mother Nature must have heard my sigh of relief because we woke up to ice rain, snow and overall crap weather. The kids even got a snow/ice day from school (Seriously?!? WTH?!?!! It is now mid-April!!!!). As I trudged to work in my winter boots, I had a little talk with Mother Nature. OK, lady! You win! I give up! She must have heard me because, as I left work, the snow was more-or-less gone... and a few brave blue flowers were sticking up from the not so green grass... I guess that she accepted my truce ;)
We expect 18C weather this weekend... but I am not going to celebrate too much... just in case she hears me ;)

Happy Thursday to you all! xox

What a difference a few hours makes!! The blue flowers are hard to see.... but they are there!!!!!!


  1. All of the sudden it’s over 30C overhere and that’s hot.

    1. I seriously want your weather!!! ;)

  2. Som du allerede ved, så havde vi årets første sommerdag i går torsdag. Det var så vidunderligt.
    Håber det var en smagsprøve. Ved vi fra sidst på dagen i dag, og den kommende uge skal forvente temp. omkring 8 - 10 grader, bor for tæt på vestkysten, og der vil komme en kølig vind ind fra vest. Derfor er det med at nyde de dejlige varme temp. mens de er her.