Friday, April 13, 2018

Weekend in Toronto

Just a quick hi from Toronto! This weekend I am here for a conference and it is just me (meaning without family... I came with work colleagues). It is always a bit odd to come to Toronto from Montreal- it is not so far away but it feels like another country. It is bigger than Montreal.. more spread out... taller... probably cleaner... more dressed up.... less joie de vivre... no French... and, for some reason, I can never find my bearings here ;) We are staying in a funky neighbourhood near the University, which also has lots of good coffee places within walking distance. Maybe not so different from Montreal after all ;)

Wishing you all a happy Friday evening from TO! I am now going to enjoy NOT having to nag boys to brush their teeth and go to bed ;) Here is some random Toronto photo spam...



  1. Det at være hjemmefra i weekenden kan være både dejligt men også lidt trættende. Det at savne familien, og være igang på en anden måde.
    Dejlige billeder fra din weekend i Toronto.

    1. Tak! It was lots of fun... but I am glad to be home xox

  2. Love your pictures! Hope you had a good conference & a good weekend!

  3. Thanks <3 I wish that I could have taken more pictures but it snowed so much on the following days that it took the fun out of it ;) xox