Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Random morning quotes

Heard today at our house:

- Mamma! Fanny is eating Zoey's poop! That is SOOOOOOOOOO gross! (Fanny and Zoey are our dogs... not our kids).

- I can't tell you what I want for breakfast. I only woke up 16 hours ago. (Actually it was more like 16 seconds but, heck, who is counting).

- Mamma! Don't forget that on Friday I need a sandwich that looks like a sea otter! (This will certainly be another blog post topic- trust me!).

- I thought you were joking when you said we had to leave 15 minutes earlier. If Alexander's bus is on strike, why don't you just make him walk to school instead? (Ummm.... no).

- I can't brush my teeth because the cat won't get out of the sink! (See picture).

- I can't wash my hands because the cat won't get out of the sink! (Again, see picture).

- Mamma! You will hate it outside because it is cold and icy! (Yes, you are correct!).

- Mamma! Can you please sign all the entries for my reading journal right now? (Umm... there are about 50 entries and I have 2 minutes before we have to leave. Are you kidding?).

- Do you think that Pappa is eating pizza for lunch today? (Probably).

- Mamma... Mamma... Mamma....Wyatt and I are practising our Ninja moves at recess today. We arranged it. (I hope your session will not be at the top of the slide like yesterday).

- Mamma! Tell Alexander to stop throwing his football at me!

- "Alexander, please text me so that I know if I should pick you up after school or not. Alexander? Alexander? What did I just say? " "Ummm... ya?" (This is a regular conversation).

This is all before I managed to get onto the 7:54 train. I think I need a coffee ;) Wishing you all a good day xox

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  1. Jeg har en datter der fylder 30 om 8 dage, hun kan ringe 6.05, for at spørge om alt mellem himmel og jord.
    - Hvorfor gør børnene det?
    - Kan jeg tillade mig at give det med i madpakken?
    - Hvad skal du lave i dag?

    ;-) ;-)