Monday, January 22, 2018

Living with a picky (ie: oddball) eater

This is not about Andreas... or Nicka (if it has meat and potatoes, he is happy) or Alexander (Hey! Mamma! I like sushi!)... it is ALL about Oliver...

Since Oliver was a baby, he had a thing about food texture. If I made him cereal and- heaven forbid- there was a little lump in it, he would not eat it. He did not/did/did not/did and did not like bananas... because of their texture. I am embarrassed to say that Oliver could live on Jalapeno chips (yups.. apparently, spice is fine..  texture is not.), Goldfish crackers, salami, cut up apples (but only the green ones), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, Alpha Bits (but no other kinds of cereal), milkshakes but only chocolate... and only half), popcorn, yogurt drinks (but not regular yogurt), cucumbers and grated Parmesan cheese (but not together... the cucumbers and Parmesan). Try to make a school lunch that doesn't raise the poor lunch ladies' eyebrows! Thankfully, they see what I give/gave Nicklas and Alexander and realize that I am not totally blind to nutrition ;)

Today's breakfast menu: Oliver asked Andreas to make him a salt sandwich with cucumbers for desert. Yups.. I am not kidding. If he wasn't a 7 year old boy, I would think that he was pregnant. Of course, Andreas just gave him regular toast with butter (it was salted so I guess he got what he wanted).Thinking that Andreas had actually sprinkled salt on his bread pleased him so much that he asked for thirds. If you know Oliver, that is quite remarkable, considering he can eat 2 Goldfish crackers and claim that he is full. Oh, yeah- he also got his cucumbers for desert. Whatever gets us through a Monday breakfast ;)

Wishing you all a happy week! xox

Chocolate... and only good until he is half way done ;)


  1. Det kan give hovedbrud når der er så mange forholdsregler at tage højde for.