Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sometimes, the clouds are almost better!

Whenever I talk to my friends in Scandinavia, they always tell me how nice it must be to have sun during our winters (average Danish/Southern Swedish winter ranges from -5C to +5C, damp and grey). OK... I agree the sun is nice... when you are inside because, sometimes, the sunny days are the super cold ones. This morning, it was sunny (yes, nice) but -27C with windchill (very not so nice). That sneaky sunshine! You think it will be warm and then it smacks you in the face! I remember when I lived in Denmark, I was probably the only one smiling during the grey winter day commute to work. I could bike. I could wear my running shoes. I could wear my cute coat. The air did not hurt my face. I could go out for a long walk. I didn't have the same urge to hibernate as I do here. Yes- I had to wear rain pants... but never snow pants ;)

Sunshine, I will love you more in the summertime. I promise ;)

Happy Thursday to you all xox


  1. Trods din fortælling om kulde, så savner jeg stadig solen. Altså en frostklar dag med sne og svag vind. Masser af sol.

    1. I will trade with you! I miss going outside ;)