Thursday, January 4, 2018

Friends, the winter version

We spend a lot of time with the W family during the summers (soccer, travels such as PEI- see here, more soccer, backyard camping- see here, and even more soccer) but, given that their boys are in hockey and mine are not (I know... bad Canadian mother... I feel so bad... NOT 😉), we don't see much of them in the winter.... except over the Christmas holidays because there are no sports activities to run to! BEST TIME EVER! So, yesterday, Andreas took them sledding at a neighbourhood hill (because it was finally not -100C... OK... small exaggeration but it was almost that bad) and now they are all downstairs recovering from a sleep-over so they can cram in as much of W boys as possible before the return to school on Monday ;)

Oh yeah...  return to routine on Monday... wow! Where did the holiday go?

Happy Thursday... or Wednesday... or whatever day it is.... 😉

Too cool for his hat. Good thing his father is nicer than I am ;)

All photos are courtesy of Andreas because I was at home with Oliver ;)


  1. Nogle venner er der altid, og andre er der i forbindelse med børnene, fritidsinteresser etc.
    Her er der ingen sne, dog tyder det på vi får lidt frost, solskin og stille vejr.
    Hverdagen har været i gang siden tirsdag, så jeg ser frem til weekend senere i dag.
    Sådan en ferie flyver bare afsted.