Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The memory of a mother

Actually, the title of this blog post is a complete misnomer. This mother has absolutely NO memory left. Or, rather, I should say that I have a very selective memory. For example, I cannot remember what I am supposed to do in the next 20 minutes, nor do I remember the names of my children (aren't they all named after the cat?) BUT I can remember the words to most songs from the 1980s. I will look blankly at Andreas when he asks where I will be going on Saturday afternoon BUT I remember the name of my friend's dog from 1975 (it was Rusty). I am very good at forgetting when bills are due (sorry cell phone company!) but will always remember the birthdays of people that I haven't seen in about 20 years and the name of my kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Brabant at Willowdale).

To be honest, sometimes my poor memory worries me (my apologies to my student who has been in about 5 of my classes and I still couldn't remember her name!). I am feeling the need to write things down more and more and my agenda has become my new best friend (that is, if I remember to put it in my bag in the morning). I am hoping that my memory is just hiding somewhere between the lunch requests, grocery lists, play dates, doctor appointments, work meetings and Oliver waking me up in the middle of the night because he had a bad dream ;) Or maybe it just froze in our beautiful winter weather ;)

Oh yeah- the name of the song is Heart of Glass and the band is Blondie ;)

Happy Wednesday xox

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  1. My father call it distractedly, he was and me too ;-)
    I have the problem all over, both thing from behind and for 5 minutes :-)

    1. Distracted! Great word for it! I think that I will use it! xox