Sunday, January 21, 2018

Weekend check list

Every Sunday, I do a kind of mental check list: did I get everything that I needed to do done? Most of the time, I am left with a bit of a depressed feeling because, given all of the things on that darn check list, there is so much that has been left unfinished... If we could have just ONE more day!

So, for the checks: Nicklas' birthday dinner. Soccer for me. Basketball for Alexander. Vacuuming. Cleaning the toilets. Oliver's play dates. A reference letter for work. A few emails for work (including saying yes to a conference in the Netherlands in June but that will be another story). Putting Oliver's Lego fish in water (seriously). Started my lecture for tomorrow. Groceries. Haircuts for 3/4 boys. Dinner with lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Sold top on Ebay sent off. Laundry. Homework for Alexander and Nicklas... so I have been reassured.

So, now the not finished: Soccer for Nicklas (I didn't realize it was cancelled this weekend until Andreas took him....  oops!). Lots of stuff that I wanted to get done for work that I have not finished... including the rest of my lecture for tomorrow. Folding laundry (see above). A long walk with Andreas. Organizing my closet. Putting away the last of the Christmas decorations. A long nap on the couch. Banana bread.  Homework for Oliver (later this evening). Coherent blog posts ;)

Hope your check list is longer than mine... and that you have a good week ahead!


Here are some random weekend pics!


  1. A conference in the Netherlands in June, check!

    1. I thought of you already ;)

    2. I would love to meet you, but do not feel obligated! As we say in the Netherlands: 'The work goes for the girl!'.

    3. I was actually hoping that you would be free! The conference will be June 27-29 in Maastrich but I am planning to spend a few more days in NL... either before or after... still trying to work it out. I can't travel all that way without seeing your beautiful country <3

  2. Pyha, husker da mine 4 børn var hjemmeboende, jeg læste og børnenes far var allerede syg dengang. Det var et puslespil at få de 24 timer til at slå til.
    Bare jeg havde haft den erfaring jeg har i dag, og dog, den erfaring jeg har i dag er jo afledt af de manglende timer i døgnet dengang :-)
    Altså når dine dejlige drenge er fløjet fra reden, får du alt for meget tid :-)