Monday, January 15, 2018

Thankful for the small stuff... the cold Monday edition ;)

So far, this winter, we are having the crappiest weather. Yes, I know- I always complain about winter but, this year, I am almost beyond complaining. I cannot count how many days (like most of the holiday) were just so cold that we had people on TV and flashing things on our phones telling us to NOT go out. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to heed their good advice ;) Today is one of those days ;)

In light of this cold Monday, I am thankful for my new and very warm/waterproof boots. Best money I ever spent! I am also thankful for my snow pants... and my hat! AND that I had coffee waiting for me when I got to work :) Sometimes the little things are the REALLY appreciated ones!

Happy Monday to you all! Stay warm... and sane ;) xox

Yes, yes, I know. We have sun... but even the sun seems to think that it is too cold ;)


  1. We live at the wrong place. We should stay in countries with subtropical climate both of us.