Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Lego Master in da house ;)

Alexander and Nicklas love Lego. They always have and, I think, they always will. Besides video games, Lego is the only thing that can keep them occupied for ages. Lately, Oliver has been getting really into Lego as well. He made a great Lego mouse for me, just because he thought that we should have a mouse to go with all our real life cats ;) You can't argue with his sort of logic ;) Oliver even gave his mouse a piece of yellow brick cheese. He thought of it all. Even Alexander was impressed. Welcome, Oliver, to Lego Master (in training) status! I look forward to stepping on your building blocks ;)

By the way, Lego does not sponsor my blog. I just feel obligated to write good things about the toy because, literally, it has provided hours of entertainment for my boys, which equals hours of pseudo sanity for me ;)

Piece of yellow cheese included

He even gave his mouse a little tail ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Redefining an evening out ;)

When I was in my 20's.... even my early 30's.... going out meant dancing, high heels, make up, staying out until at least 3am, drinking shots and doing absolutely NOTHING the following day- except maybe for a hangover brunch with friends who were in the same sort of useless shape.
Last night, we were with the W family again (yes, the same ones as here) and it got me thinking how much my definition of an evening out has changed: Firstly, it most usually involves kids... lots of them... Secondly, we are usually on our way home by 11pm. Our food, instead of trendy restaurant options, involves some sort of BBQ meat and chips. The only passing out that happens is when Oliver falls asleep on the couch while watching movies. We get most excited when we remember the name of the obscure group/song that is playing on our 1980's flashback music (more of that here). The only boys that get my attention are the little ones who are usually doing something that they shouldn't be. Although father W livens things up with his "boom box"- stellar light show included, we are nowhere near dance club status ;) I think the only dancing that I do is the type that is meant to embarrass the boys in front of their friends ;) AND I, may I add, am pretty good at that ;)

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend xox

The main attraction: lots of little boys making fart sounds on their arms ;)
Laser light show... complete with 1980's music
Mother W makes a mean sangria.... party on! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fishing with boys

Nicka is an avid "fisherman". He just loves everything about fishing (yes, we make sure that the fish are in good condition and return them to the water). There is something about the act of fishing that just fascinates him. He loves it! While the other boys look at gamers on Youtube, Nicklas checks out fishing channels (ok... as well as checking out the gamers) ;)
This past weekend, while I was at soccer, Andreas took Nicka and Oliver to a local fishing hole. Nicka was in heaven.... Oliver said that there were too many rocks to trip over... ;)

In heaven.... Oliver was just tripping over rocks ;)

All photos by Andreas

Monday, May 23, 2016

Beautiful long weekend

Today is a holiday here and, seriously, the weather couldn't have been any nicer for the long weekend! We spent time in the garden, relaxing, playing soccer, enjoying a little time at home and hanging out with family and good friends. I even managed to run some errands, clean the house, fold/put away laundry, put away winter clothes, prepare for renovation plans (more to come) and get some more "hair" for our Lego Man (I feel SO productive)! Nice 'do, if I say so myself ;)

Happy Monday! Wishing you all a great start to the week xox

Here is to the curly look ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Murphy's Law.... again...

After telling ALL the boys in the house that I was planning to wash the kitchen floors and that they should get their breakfasts before I start, absolutely NO ONE was interested in eating. The SECOND I finish washing the floor- and, of course it is still wet- EVERYONE is suddenly starving and needs to get into the kitchen RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I had an urge to throw Alphabits at them in the living room ;)

Hope you all had a nice day xox

The one milisecond that I had a clean kitchen floor ;)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cosy day

Today I stayed home with the boys because it was a day off from their school. It was such a beautiful day and I felt so fortunate to be able to be outside! When Andreas got home, he put up the long awaited trampoline and we got some gardening done. Alexander, the lucky guy, was invited to go overnight camping with one of his best friends so he head out mid afternoon. To make up for it. Oliver and Nicka helped put up the trampoline and got to jump, jump, jump...
Now we are winding down for bed... I hope that Alexander remembers to brush his teeth ;)

Happy Friday to you all!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One of my favourite places

Sometimes, when they let me, the boys come to cuddle. If I am lucky, I get to kiss their heads. It reminds me when they were babies... their smell is still there. It is one of my favourite places to be and I treasure every moment of it....

Hope you had a happy day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Flower bomb

Yesterday, it snowed. Really. Not much.... but enough... ugh! Happily, today is much better! Sunny and warm-ish... I will take it! Thought I would post a flower bomb in order to make up for the crappy snow ;) Nothing like Montreal in the spring time!

Wishing you all a great Tuesday xox

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Party dude

Well... after almost 2 hours of trampoline jumping, cupcakes and friends, Oliver is tired. He won't admit it but his energy level is definitely approaching zero ;) He told me that loved his party and wished that he could do it every weekend! Ummm..... can I recover from this one first? ;)

Wishing you all a great end to the weekend xox

Six years

Today, Oliver turns 6 years old!! I cannot believe how fast time flies! I still remember when he was born.... sigh!
We will be having his party later today so I will check back in after that. Wish me luck... 12 kindergarten friends... and cupcakes... That will be a lot of energy! Thankfully, we are not having the party at home but at a trampoline centre. Wish me luck.... and some post-party wine ;)

Happy birthday to our beautiful Oli-boli! xox


... and now! Happy birthday!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today: an office with a view ;)

Last week, I thought my "new office" was a good idea and it couldn't get any better... I was wrong ;) Today, my "office" was on my backyard patio, with a bonus of beautiful sun, 23C temperature, a comfortable desk, an ice cream cone and my 2 new colleagues ;)

I finally finished grading about 30 minutes ago (YES!!! FINALLY!!!!) and will walk over to the boys' school to pick them up. We can all enjoy a nice walk home in the almost summer-like weather!

Hope your day is as awesome as ours.... When you live in Canada, you have to appreciate every drop of sunshine xox

This is a much nicer office than the one that I have at work ;)
Nice big windows ;)

The food is not bad ;)
Hello, colleague #1 ;)
I think that I am getting a dirty look from colleague #2 ;)
Whew!!!!!! ;)