Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today: an office with a view ;)

Last week, I thought my "new office" was a good idea and it couldn't get any better... I was wrong ;) Today, my "office" was on my backyard patio, with a bonus of beautiful sun, 23C temperature, a comfortable desk, an ice cream cone and my 2 new colleagues ;)

I finally finished grading about 30 minutes ago (YES!!! FINALLY!!!!) and will walk over to the boys' school to pick them up. We can all enjoy a nice walk home in the almost summer-like weather!

Hope your day is as awesome as ours.... When you live in Canada, you have to appreciate every drop of sunshine xox

This is a much nicer office than the one that I have at work ;)
Nice big windows ;)

The food is not bad ;)
Hello, colleague #1 ;)
I think that I am getting a dirty look from colleague #2 ;)
Whew!!!!!! ;)


  1. It looks like summer and I LOVE IT!!!
    Last week I had a sunbath in our garden with a book every afternoon.
    You did a good job, X

    1. Thanks :) I love it too! Your afternoon sunbaths sound so great! Doesn't it just revive you? Ahhh! xox

  2. Its rely looks like summer has arrived i Canada :-D Enjoy the sun and the fabulous weather :-D

    1. Today, the weather is only 4C and some places just north of us got snow :( Yuck!