Saturday, May 7, 2016

My new office ;)

This time of the year is absolutely terrible for having piles of papers to correct (yes, it IS my fault but I hate multiple choice exams). As by some "perfect storm", my kids always seem to have the most amount of school ped days at this exact time.This always means that, every time I start correcting a new paper, someone asks me for water... or a snack.... or wants to show me a boo boo... or starts to fight with his brother.... or needs to find some t-shirt that he hasn't worn for the past 2 years.... anyway, you get the idea. Needless to say, this results in my basically memorizing the start to papers (constant re-reading) but never really getting to the end ;) So, yesterday, I took the younger boys (Alexander opted to hang with his neighbourhood posse so we included a friend of Oliver's) to an indoor playground so that I could get a good 3 hours of paper correcting heaven (not really but you get the idea). PLUS, the big bonus was that I didn't have to resort to letting them sit with their tablets all afternoon.... ah-ha! Correcting time AND real play time :) So this was, at least for yesterday, my new office. It also came with coffee and palm trees... awesome!

Maybe this would be appreciated at work as well?

Palm tree heaven ;)

AND good coffee.....

Hours of entertainment

I bet your office doesn't have a tiger slide!

Oliver, actually standing still for a minute

Nicka in action

I took a quick break

Soccer time! I wasn't fast enough to catch them playing.

I need one of these at work!


My new office environment... with Slush Puppies and palm trees ;)


  1. Nice you could coordinate a trip in an activity center with your boys, and you could even get a little work done.
    I would need total peace, it is enough the age ;-)
    Wishing you and your family a nice Sunday - Here we have a day in pending to 23 degrees and sunshine in store.

    1. My life has enough noise... what is a little more? ;) Tusind tak! Hope you enjoyed your beautiful day! :)

  2. What a good idea. Glad the coffee was good x

    1. Surprisingly good... and strong ;) Worth every penny of the entrance fee ;)

  3. You are rely a women with good ideas :-D And everybody got something good out of it :D