Monday, August 8, 2016

Didn't I just do that???

Does it ever happen to you that you are totally convinced that you JUST did something.... only to have to do it again? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! For example, today, I looked around our dog-fur-filled house and thought "Didn't I JUST vaccum?". You know what I mean!

Here is today's list of "Didn't I JUST do that?":

- didn't I just take the dogs out for a pee... like 5 seconds ago?
- didn't I just nicely fold ALL the laundry?
- didn't I just do the groceries?
- didn't I just buy Alexander soccer cleats that were intended for ALL summer?
- didn't I just pay all the bills?
- didn't I just say good bye to winter?
- didn't I just buy them school pants?
- didn't I just tell Oliver that we were leaving in 5 minutes?
- didn't I just ask Nicka not to pet the dogs when he is wearing his black soccer shorts and about to leave?
- didn't I just take out the garbage? Composting? Turn on the dishwasher?
- didn't I just write a blog post? (oops... it has been a few days... my bad!)

But, hey, now I am doing it again.... ;)

Happy day to you all xox

Didn't we just say good bye to winter?

Where the heck did all this laundry come from? Hmmm... Andreas didn't do it ;)

More pants?

Bigger (and brighter) soccer cleats?

Another pee?

More dust???


  1. Groceries is what kills me! ...Didn't I just buy enough for the week?!! Great blog Celena! and tomorrow I will be remembering everything you wrote as I go through my day thinking "didn't I just...." :)

  2. Time flies, it makes the seasons too. The children grow.
    Then of course you do it again.

  3. Who can stop the train or the clock - i'm still looking for that person :-D