Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fighting....boy version

Kids fight with each other. I get it. Heck, my sister and I used to fight all the time too. My boys, however, seem to have run out of  "good" things to fight about after, maybe, 3 weeks of summer break. That leaves us in week 4 of  "Really? You are fighting about THAT?". They have now started to fight over things like smashed up plastic water bottles, which boy's hermit crab digs down deeper at night (like, you know??), who left the plate in the living room (hey! You are stealing MY fights!), who left the wet towel on the outside table (again? That is MY domain!), how many followers Youtuber X has and who owns which IDENTICAL white t-shirt.

Boys! If you are going to fight, pick a good one. Get riled up over a GOOD subject! Don't steal your mother's nagging rights (I am, after all, pretty good at it myself and don't need help)! Before you pick a fight, ask yourself: is this a good one? If not, just walk away because your mother will be picking a fight with YOU.... and I will win ;)

Happy Thursday! May it be a fight-free day ;) xox

Once upon a time... when they did not fight.... as much ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I also think that I deserve an award for referee of the year ;)

  2. After I have grown older, I've learned to choose my battles wisely.
    However, a colleague, he is autistic, and we try to push a little to him, but it praller of everything he thinks and believes is right, all very black / white, can not see the nuances, and that's exactly what we pushing a little, and yes, a battle we do not need :-)

  3. Hi hi, welcome to the everyday life :-D