Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another 10 random facts

1. I save the best ice cream for AFTER the boys go to bed ;)

2. Why is it that the person who SITS DOWN when using the toilet (ie: me) is the one who has to clean the mess AROUND the toilet?

3. I used to eat ketchup sandwiches when I was a kid. Now I seriously hate ketchup. Karma.

4. I have a caffeine addiction and I am not interested in getting over it.

5. I used to love Scott Baio. Now I think that he is totally annoying... and even more lately :P

6. I just turned 46 years old but, in my head, I am 27.

7. If I had the opportunity of participating in the Olympics, I would choose to either play soccer (duh!) or be a rower.

8. One of my biggest pet peeves (besides hearing people eat) is having to repeat myself... which, in my house, I do A LOT...

9. I am still looking for that PERFECT pair of jeans.... sigh!

10. I am always amazed when real, live people tell me that they read this blog. It gives me a feeling that I have to apologize ;)

Wishing you all a great day!

Here are 10 random pics:

A few days after we moved back to Canada

Pregnant with Nicka

Oliver in daycare... his first cupcake ;)

The boys in Sweden (2012)

Our goofy family shot (PEI, 2016)

Alexander and Nicklas, daycare school picture 2008. Nicka was a bit unsure about the event ;)

Alexander on the soccer field... umm.... the action is BEHIND you ;)

Goofy Alexander, age 3

Nicka, age 1.5

Nothing is better than a box (2012)