Monday, August 1, 2016

End of holidays

Sadly, today, I took the vacation notice off my emails.... I have meetings booked this week in my agenda..... I pulled out some non-sandal shoes for work.... I answered about 50 emails and initiated another 50 more.... I am looking to get organized for my fall semester course load... Even though I am still working from home for the majority of this week, I can feel the shift to work mode. Back to reality, I guess :P

Happy Monday to you all xox


  1. I could feel there was bustle on the roads on Monday, however, begins the schools first Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday of week 32/2016, depending on which school it is.
    It's always hard working day following a summer vacation, I know that. Good luck.

    1. You can really feel the return back to work... and it IS hard ;) Thanks for the good luck wishes :)

  2. Its SO hard to do and I rely would love to have much more vacation than I have. Hope you have a easy start. xxx