Sunday, August 14, 2016

Boy sleep over

Tonight, Alexander and Nicklas have friends sleeping over. Yes, here... sleep over... here... 5 and I am a little bit nervous due to prior experience with boy-herds ;) This particular species of boys can be most often found grazing on pizza in the kitchen environment, roaring loudly when another member of the boy-herd takes the last piece of pepperoni and enthusiastically chasing after our poor dogs. When darkness rolls in, the boy-herd moves down to the basement and participates in ritual PS4 activity. The members of this group seem confused by the notion of brushing teeth and putting pajamas on so they cause some noise and, subsequently, go back to video game action. It is now relatively silent so, perhaps, Andreas should go down for observation. I will send him down with a walkie-talkie and a big stick for protection ;) If they are lucky, we might throw some popcorn down into their basement environment later on and hope that this satisfies the boy-herd. I promise... no tranquilizer guns involved ;)

I think that an African safari hat would suit me ;)

Wish us luck... and a peaceful evening ;) If you don't hear from me in the next day or so, send a search party ;)


The boy-herd, safely contained, in their exercise pen ;)

The boy-herd is down there... do I dare to bring popcorn? ;)


  1. Boys are and will be different than girls, sorry know some believe it is our own fault :-)
    I have 3 girls (38/35/28 years) and one boy (31 years) :-)

    1. It must have been one BUSY house :) You are a brave woman ;)