Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The third child

Recently, I saw some t-shirts that are perfect for our family- OLDEST child: I make the rules; MIDDLE child:  I am the reason why we have rules and YOUNGEST child: The rules don't apply to me. How true!!

With Alexander, we kind of made up rules as we went along. As our first, we were suddenly shaken from our sense of perfect family to reality ;) Our expectations of a happy, sleeping baby were smashed by a happy, always awake baby ;)

With Nicklas, we had a definite character from day 1. Nicka has his own sense of what he thinks and what he wants. The rules that we set up from our experiences with Alexander suddenly do not work well any more..... There is no shy-boy-in-the-middle at our house ;)

Flash forward to our third: Oliver honestly thinks that rules do not apply to him. He listens only when he wants to. He eats only when he wants to. He definitely does (or, at least, tries to do) things his way. Oliver speaks his mind... and to anyone who is in listening range.

Yesterday, we went to the mall to run some errands. One thing on our to-do list (Andreas' to-do list) was to get our TV services upgraded. While we were at the shop, Oliver discovered their video game demonstrators. The whole shop got to hear about his gaming adventures and what he thought of the products. He went from complaining about having to be there with us to not wanting to leave. I am sure that the store was relieved when we finally did head out ;)  Rules definitely do not apply to him ;)

Happy Tuesday and, in our universe, the last day before back to school xox

A new toy!

Yes, Oliver, tell EVERYONE what you are seeing...

AND what you think about it!

Yes, your mother is still watching you ;)

On to the next game!

WAY too easy ;)

We're done here ;)

For sure!