Saturday, August 20, 2016

My Google tendencies

I have kids. One thing that any mother can tell you is that you end up Googling (is that a word now?) pretty strange stuff. For example, we Google things like "How do you get a marble out of a child's nose?" For the record, this was one of my actual searches. Another one: "What do you do when your kid only eats Goldfish Crackers?" "What the h*ll is Pokemon Go?"

Today, I have another one: "Why do my kids' soccer cleats smell like cat pee?"

Apparently, I am not the only one. This is, actually, a very popular topic on discussion boards. Who knew it? AND, the majority of people who experience it DO NOT EVEN HAVE A CAT!!!! Kitties, you are OFF the hook! From my very unscientific research, apparently it comes from the sulfur in sweat... which is amplified with a wet environment.... which is amplified when your kids sweat a lot.... which is amplified with a wet environment.... which is amplified when the cat decides to pee in the shoe (just kidding... I always wondered how our super old cat could negotiate herself into the shoe). As I read, apparently, it is NOT the cat.... just the sweat... and the shoe.... even the ones that you spend a million dollars on (or it seems like they are a million dollars... and supposedly made of gold) ;)

I cannot wait until the boys finish their games this weekend. The shoes will get Lysol'd and put on the winter boot dryer. Bye-bye, cat urine smell! May it only be found in the litter box ;)

PS: for the record, my soccer cleats smell like roses... ;) Roses and cat pee ;)

Alexander's NEW cleats which, for the moment, still smell only like boy sweat....


  1. I love the shoes (not the smell.
    What happened to the 100% cotton sports clothes?!

    1. I think they all got replaced with nylon and spandex ;) The clothes, I can get the smell out of. The shoes, I am not so lucky ;)