Friday, July 22, 2016

Surprise mix

Over the past few years, we had an infestation of some kind of plant that just spread like wildfire in our garden. Andreas and I tried to get rid of it, over and over, and- finally- it seemed like we managed to clear it. This summer, we decided not to plant a lot of fancy flowers because we weren't sure if pain-in-the-bum-plant would come back so I threw on a pack of surprise mix wildflowers ($7.99 at Walmart). While we were in PEI, they started to bloom and I couldn't be happier! Awesome colours, no care required and butterfly-magnets.... <3 Maybe I will do this every year!

Happy Friday to you all! xox


  1. You sure have green fingers :-D

    1. It only took me to open the bag, spread the seeds, cover them and a bit of water. Nature did all the work for me ;) xox